Friday, March 16, 2012

We brought home an extra child from the Third Day concert last night...

Ever since I was a young child, I wanted to be a foster parent so that I could  provide for other kids who were born into difficult situations like myself. However, while that dream has continually pulled at my heart over the years, I just haven't been in the position to do so; but, I continue to pray about it often. Then, last night at the concert, we were asked to sponsor a child from another country. At first, my thought was, "I already do so much, I can't possibly take on any more." Yet, as they led in prayer, my heart began to soften and I realized that just because I can't take another child into my home at the moment doesn't mean that I can't provide for and help a child going through hard times. Then, the speaker said something unique, he called it "child support" and it hit me that 40 dollars a month is equal to the tithe off of the child support my oldest daughter receives every month. Which then caused me to remember her asking me if she could adopt a child from another country not too long ago. Before I knew it, my hand was in the air and Ndebenuwo's picture was in my hands. I thought that I was going to regret my decision when I got home and would only be able to see how much I have going out in giving every month but that wasn't the case. All I can see is Ndebenuwo's face and all I feel is joy and satisfaction in knowing that, even if things are tough and money is now a little bit tighter, we are truly doing all we can for God. I wouldn't have even been able to remember where that money went if we wouldn't have adopted Ndebenuwo; but, next year and ten years from now, I'll know that because I rose my hand, we made a difference. And, now my prayer is that God will use me to provide for as many kids as He possibly can :)

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