Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Burying the Past in the Grave

to think you hurt as much as possible 

and that the truth has all come

only to be blindsided

by the truth that has just begun

to hold onto hope for years 

that you'd find healing one day

then to think you finally found it

only to discover it was just a facade

to learn the person you knew and loved

as your best friend

was also someone you never met 

who made others hate you in the end

to never have a chance 

to even talk it through

and to know it wouldn't matter anyways 

after 33 years of trying to

to have to accept that it is what it is

and there is nowhere to turn

not a person to trust

every bridge has to be burned

there's only One way out

and it's plastered with pain

focus on God and your future 

and bury the past in the grave

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