Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Big Game

Eagles versus Giant Chickens

It’s getting dangerously close to the end of the game, but there isn’t anyone who is sure of exactly how much time is left on the clock. The Eagles were chosen as the favorite ahead of time, but now that the game has advanced, they are appearing as more of the underdog and are outnumbered by their opposing team approximately ten to one. The Giant Chickens haven’t exactly been playing by the rules and have even been taunting and bullying the Eagles. However, referees haven’t even noticed that the Chickens have been cheating because their attention has been focused on all of the strife on the Eagles’ sidelines.

I just can’t believe what is going on down on the field. I’ve never seen such chaos and mayhem in my life. Most of the Eagles’ players are just standing around talking to each other and complaining about the coach; they are actually refusing to run the plays that He calls. While others are lying down on the field crying about how big the opposing players are and that they are getting trampled on. Just a few star players from the Eagles’ team have been doing all of the work and scoring all of the points and they are just simply getting worn out. Not only do they have to shield their selves from the opposition, but from their own teammates as well. It appears the majority of Eagles just want to sit on the sidelines and yell about petty things like the colors of their uniforms, what plays should be run, and how the ball should be handled. “Laces in or laces out?” Who cares, does that really matter? You are losing the game! There is just no organization or unity of spirit within this Eagles’ team and because of it they have basically just destroyed any chance of winning. The Giants are so far ahead that nothing short of a miracle could even help these Eagles. This team had better pray that they have some kind of resurrection power behind them that can bring their team back from the dead. These Eagles’ need to quickly decide which team they are playing for then read their playbook and get in the game!

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