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I seriously had the most awkward experience ever as a photographer yesterday...

I was asked to take pictures for a little league baseball team (which I was doing for free I might add). And, one mom did not bring her kid until an hour after she was supposed to be there. So as soon as they got there, I had to line them up for the team photo. As I began to line them up, she butted in and started over-riding me and telling them what to do and treating me very rudely as if I didn't know what I was doing before she even gave me a chance to do it! I just overlooked it and tried to politely work with her (you know turn the other cheek because after all this is my son's team and I am going to have to deal with this lady after this). But then, when we finished, I told her that I needed to hurry up and get her kid's picture so he could warm up. Her response in a very rude tone was, "I already took it myself." How awkward!!! Honestly, I just can't believe how rude some people can be. I thought I would do something nice for others and yet even that pissed someone off and made them not like me and disrespect me. And, get this... she isn't even a professional photographer! 

I seem to run across a lot of people who think they are my boss and I go back and forth on what the proper way to handle it is. I've tried the politely looking the other way but then they just take more and more. I've set boundaries and they typically will try to argue and when that doesn't get them anywhere they will just continually keep trying to push past them. 

So, I'd like to hear from you... how do you handle these kinds of people/situations? 


  1. How about, you were late and now I am doing my best to accomodate both you and your child so he feels included as a member of his team. If my efforts have no value to you and you want to explain to your son that it was your fault he was left out then please handle it as you see fit. I am finishing up here and am willing help you if you like, otherwise my work here is finished.
    You are the professional do not EVER let someone push you around.

  2. You know you're right. That is how I handle it when it is a paying job and I have no problems with it, probably because I know I have to give quality work and I'll never see the people again. I guess when I struggle is when it is more personal type situations. Like this is my son's team. These are people I have to see several times a week. This lady has always sat off by herself before this day so I thought perhaps she was shy, guess not, lol. I honestly wasn't even sure if she was intentionally being rude or if she is just that used to being in control that she doesn't even realize how she comes across, but either way I guess I should've said something. I get so caught off guard at times that I'm more in shock so I just freeze up or something. Any advice to help with that? I guess I have a hard time with these specific personality types because this is how my sister has always treated me my whole life. So, when it's happening on a personal level I guess I just feel like it's her I'm dealing with. And, with her I would just always take it take it take it and then blow up when I was younger. And, since then I've read about a million books on how to handle it and have tried so hard to set boundaries every other way but I just can't seem to find anything that works other than to just completely stay away from her because she just bulldozes her way through life doing whatever it takes to get what she wants and is very good at pinning it on me to make me look crazy. So, any more advice on how to handle it on a personal level?

    Most people grow up developing confidence gradually through the successes they experienced along the way.
    Certin aspects of your childhood development were clearly suppressed due to your environment and the obstacles placed in your path. Couple those impediments with the lack of support offered by your surroundings, ie constant belittlement at the hands of others, and issues of perceived abandonment. This conditioning from an early age would make it especially difficult for anyone to feel the necessary confidence to prevail in a one on one, You had already spent half of your life feeling like you're always on the loosing end of those kind of confrontations.
    The reason you you feel confident and assertive in your professional position as a paid photographer is,no doubt, attributable to a couple of things. Your photography skill was learned outside of your childhood. People demonstrate their confidence in you by having hired you in the first place and then paying you for your work. The accolades and appreciation you receive for a job well done all build your professional confidence.
    All you need now is to transfer some of that professional confidence to better deal with agressive people you encounter in your private life and then kick some butt. :-)

  4. That actually makes a lot of sense. God taught me that since I was treated like I had no value that I didn't believe I had any and I thought I had worked through it but I guess I still have some of it to work through.


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