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Me and my big mouth... or, maybe not

Today, one of the books I'm reading brought up a subject that has always really gotten to me. A subject that I have studied over and over trying to wrap my brain around and understand... Moses not being allowed to enter the Promised Land. 

It seems no matter what way it's explained or how deeply I delve into the scriptures, I just still feel bad for Moses. He poured his heart and soul into serving God. He gave all of his life only to make one mistake and face such a severe consequence. No re-do's, no apology, no fixing it. Forty years on a journey and he would not be allowed to reach the final destination. However, as the author of the book I'm currently reading pointed out, Moses took it like a champ. He didn't cry or complain or beg or plead. He was fine with it and just accepted it as the way it was and respected God's decision. And, while he wasn't able to enter the Promised Land, God did still grant him the greatest desire of his heart. 

I stopped readin…