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What an overflown toilet can turn into in my house!

Caleb just came to me crying and said that he had to pee but there was paper in the potty. Which he has a habit of not using the potty because he will not flush for someone else. So, I assumed I knew what he was saying and lectured him all the way to the bathroom and then flushed it and walked out to which he replied, "Uh oh! Momma!" Now, I could have continued to ignore him and walk away which would have resulted in one huge mess left behind (which would have rightfully been my mess to clean up, not his)! But instead, I chose to listen and turned around to notice the toilet starting to overflow. I immediately grabbed the plunger and was able to do some damage control which helped the mess be a lot less than it would have been. However, there was still a pretty big mess that could have been avoided had I not been so ignorant and full of pride.

Then, I realized how this mirrors when people just choose to ignore the wisdom of those they believe are too small or weak. And, it p…

Let the Babies be Babies

It would be silly for me to try to force my daughter to stand when she is only 4 months old. I would sound stupid if I tried to reason with her about things she could be doing better. I would be completely frustrated if I tried to teach her to talk when she is just not capable of it at this point in time. Yet, how often do we do these very things to other Christians that are just babes in Christ? A person gets saved and all of the sudden other Christians start telling them what they can and cannot do. A cuss word slips out and they get the look. They show up to church with their lesbian partner and they get thrown out. If we used these same techniques with our own children how long do you think they would survive? How long do you think my baby would survive if I withheld food every time she didn’t do what I expected? So why do we believe we have the right to treat God’s children different than we would our own? How can we expect them to grow and survive if we take away the milk of the…

Are your walls bringing protection or harm?

The walls that people build in their hearts and minds, based on past hurts, do not just keep others out; but also, keep them trapped in. Quite often Christians, whose pages look the most godly, have their settings on social networking set so that others they do not know cannot contact them. I think it is the strangest thing that someone with the title “God’s child” avoids being contacted by their sisters and brothers. There could not be a more literal example of someone putting up a wall that keeps them from their own blessings. These same people could be sitting at home crying and praying to God for Him to send them a good friend. So, He answers the prayer and sends someone but nobody can get through because of the barrier that has been put in place. Then they blame God for their loneliness and get angry with Him for not answering their prayer. Yet, it is not God’s fault. His word is very clear on this matter.

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