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What happened to Grace?

On the way home from the free store, we had to stop by the grocery store. So, we took the Banfield exit. After stopping at the stop sign and looking both ways, Cory began to turn left, which means he was crossing 2 oncoming lanes which were empty when he started the turn. However, he has this tendency to not watch the road (Before someone else writes me to tell me he shouldn't have a license, let me clear up that he has never been in an accident or even gotten a speeding ticket in 30 years. He is not a crazy driver, I'm just a wife who freaks out any time he doesn't look at the road because I understand moments like this can happen.) while he's driving and, after the turn, he looked at me and began to tell me something. I, however, was saying, "Look at the road!" I could see the pick up truck that had just crested the hill and was coming straight for us. We barely missed it and I asked him why he can't look at the road and he began to say how he did and t…