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What happened to Grace?

On the way home from the free store, we had to stop by the grocery store. So, we took the Banfield exit. After stopping at the stop sign and looking both ways, Cory began to turn left, which means he was crossing 2 oncoming lanes which were empty when he started the turn. However, he has this tendency to not watch the road (Before someone else writes me to tell me he shouldn't have a license, let me clear up that he has never been in an accident or even gotten a speeding ticket in 30 years. He is not a crazy driver, I'm just a wife who freaks out any time he doesn't look at the road because I understand moments like this can happen.) while he's driving and, after the turn, he looked at me and began to tell me something. I, however, was saying, "Look at the road!" I could see the pick up truck that had just crested the hill and was coming straight for us. We barely missed it and I asked him why he can't look at the road and he began to say how he did and there wasn't a truck there and the truck was speeding. Which yes I get. The truck was making it clear that he was trying his hardest to hit us, he could have easily switched to the right lane and it wouldn't have even been close but instead chose to speed up to make his point. However, had my husband been looking, he could have also sped up! (Had he hit us, I wonder if he would have thought his point was as important then when the reality of his lack of grace became evident; but, who knows.) 

Anyways, we didn't even make it 50 feet before another car comes speeding up beside of us, swerving toward us acting like they are going to hit us as the lady on the passenger is clearly yelling something through her window. My first thought was, "Oh no, Cory must have cut them off in the process too." (I mean he does have a tendency to be in his own world while driving and I normally spend the whole time in prayer, lol :) So, I tell him to roll the window down, thinking we can just let them vent and apologize; but, as soon as we begin to roll the window down this is what we hear, "You fucking retard! You almost got t-boned! You're a fucking idiot! You have God damn kids in your car! You don't even deserve to have kids! You'd better thank God for saving their fucking lives." (No lies, no exaggerations, word for word that is what she said as she was puffing away on her cigarette.) I tried to open my mouth to explain to them that the truck was driving much faster than he should have been and we did not see him when we started the turn because he hadn't yet crested the hill. However, that was pointless because she just kept repeating the same things. "You fucking retard! God saved your kids' lives!" Yes, I already know this! I thanked Him before we even made it passed the truck without her even needing to scream at me to do so. And, 
I thank Him every day that His grace protects us even when we are not perfect.

Well, they continued to drive beside of us screaming that we have kids in our car all the way to the first mall intersection where they park next to us at the stop light so that she can continue to scream. I then began to raise my voice a little in hopes that she could hear me over her own loud mouth. When she yelled, "You have fucking kids in there!" I shot back, "Exactly! And, so do you; but, look how you are acting." Well, she was still running her mouth but that was apparently was enough to make them flip us off and peel out at full speed around a turn in front of on-coming traffic. So glad they were concerned for our kids safety more than their own.

As we went on our way, I just couldn't stop thinking about how awful our world has become. Where people, breaking the law, would rather try to kill another than lose their power, even over something as simple as who had the right of way. And, people who are not even involved, are so full of rage and anger that they were delighted to find someone new to unleash it on. I mean seriously, did it not occur to them that we were already thankful and apologetic. I mean we did almost just get killed! Did they really think that their angry, crazy road rage was going to make a difference? And, why did they need so badly for us to feel worse? Why could they not be happy unless they beat us down? Have they never made a mistake? How could two people who clearly acknowledged God, to the point they were demanding we thank Him for saving our lives, not realize how far they were from Him? 

What happened to Grace?


  1. Your comments here are so true~
    We do our best to reflect Christ and we fail, miserably and yet, Grace is there!
    I am sure the persons screamig at you did not consider the effect on your children the language they were using would have.
    FOr me, I examine myself, correct myself, make choices for myself and consider my own faults so that I can do my best to please God. I am not responsible to please others. Nor am I going to expect any grace, as they have no real idea of the definition of grace. We are only to set the best example we can and let God do the rest. Thank you, LORD!


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