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Is being a hypocrite really such a bad thing?

Often, when someone learns of my blog, they question the title. They seem to think they need to educate me on what "hypocrite" means or inform me that it's not a good word to have beside the word "Christian", as if I don't already know this. However, what I also understand is the truth that so many Christians like to pretend doesn't exist. 

A survey in the book "unChristian" by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons reveals that 85% of young non-Chrsistians belive that present-day Christianity is hypocrritical. And, even more amazing is the fact that 47% of young churchgoers agreed! (myself included)

We are hypocrites! Or at least that is how we appear as a whole to those around us who don't understand the gospel. I mean think about it! If you didn't truly understand what Jesus did on the cross then how could you understand someone who is imperfect stating that sin is sin. Really, let it sink in! I'm going to re-word it as many possible ways as possible until I'm sure you are picking up what I am putting down.

Without true understanding of what Jesus did how could you grasp someone saying that lying is wrong and then catching them in a lie? If someone told you that it wasn't ok to steal and then they took home paperclips from work would you want to listen to them? Yes, paperclips! Taking something as small and simple as paperclips is still stealing if you do not have direct permission to do so! And, while it may not big that big of a sin to you, it may be horrible to the person who has had to pay for everyone else's theft of paperclips for 20 years! And, no, I'm not trying to add one more boulder on your shoulder for you to carry around. I'm not trying to give you another law to memorize. It's actually just the opposite, I'm trying to help set you free! I'm making a point... No matter how close to God you are or how spiritual you believe you are, you will NEVER be perfect! You will always commit sin and there will always be others around to witness it! 

I mean let's face it, our actions will undeniably appear to contradict our beliefs at one point or another rendering us hypocrites in the eyes of those around who don't understand the main belief (which of course we could never contradict). And, can we blame them? Didn't Jesus say in Luke 23:34, "Forgive them they know not what they do"? How can we expect those who know not what they do to know better? How can we expect those who don't understand what being a Christian is all about to understand what being a Christians is all about? 

The sooner we grasp and embrace the facts the better! Isn't admittance the first step toward overcoming a problem? Why does being called a hypocrite have to be a bad thing? When I hear that word what I really hear is, "I don't truly understand Christianity." One may have head knowledge, they may have studied the Bible their whole life, but that is not equal to true God-given revelation. And, is preaching at them really going to help? Is getting angry at them and demanding they behave properly really going to inspire true change?  Should we want others to behave properly on the outside when they don't truly understand the beauty of Christ on the inside? And, if they did truly understand on the inside would we really need to give them laws to live by on the outside? Doesn't the Bible say countless times (Heb 10:16, Jer 31:33, Prov 7:3) that He will write the laws in their hearts? Even Jesus Himself did not choose to physically reign as King while He was here on the earth because He understood that people are changed from the inside out no the other way around!!! Do we really need to keep trying to do his job for Him? I mean it really hasn't been working that well anyways! Don't they already have enough laws to live by and isn't that the reason they are so fed up with us hypocrites anyways? 

Yet, if instead, we were to humble ourselves and admit that we understand and even agree with their point of view, perhaps they would be a little bit more willing to be open to ours. Imagine how much different the church would be viewed if instead of trying to hide ourselves and our problems, we were open with them. Imagine if, instead of trying to pretend we were perfect, we all just got real and admitted that we aren't and we won't ever be! 

And, if we were to admit our shortcomings and failures then perhaps those around us would be free to extend a little compassion and sympathy instead of waiting around for opportunities to point their fingers. I have kids and when one of them gets caught doing something wrong, nothing irks me more than their refusal to admit they did it. If they refuse to own up, I come down harder and harder until they do. However, if they come to me with the truth and they are already confessing and repenting then what else is there to do but love them? 

Besides it's all in the way you look at it, hypocrite really just means imperfect human and isn't that really what we all are? People who make mistakes. And, doesn't the word mistake itself imply that you know that it's wrong? That you did something you didn't think you should have? And, don't we all do that? 

Oh, and on a quick side note... I'm excited to announce that there is now going to be a co-author on this blog. When she posts, it should state that she is the author at the bottom and when I post my name will appear there :)


  1. Awesome, thank you for put so perfectly what I have been try to people for a long time. :)


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