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My Take: 1 of 6 things I wish I wouldn't have heard after the Sandy Hook massacre

When I first began a studying the book of Revelation several years ago, I wasn't a Bible scholar so I just simply asked God to reveal to me what He needed me to see. As I read each seal, each trumpet, each bowl, each judgment... I thought how awful! How horrible of a world to live in! Then, I began to notice that instead of those things opening people's eyes to the truth, they would shake their fists at God and dig their heels in deeper and refuse to repent.

It made absolutely no sense to me why people would choose to respond that way when instead they could be on God's team and also have God on their side. Why would they choose to keep reaping harsher judgments when they could be forgiven and set free? How would they dare be so cold as to shake their fists at the very God who created and loved them?

As I was sitting there so deep in thought begging God to help me understand, a vision of the world around me flashed through my head. At that time there had been an earthqua…

My trip to the doctor's yesterday....

Yesterday, at my health check up, the doctor asked me if I had any loss of memory and I asked, "Isn't that normal with age and 3 kids?" To which he responded, "Let me ask you some basic questions... What year is it?"

Me inside, "Oh, crap! What year is it? Oh yeah, 2012... right? Or is it? Oh gees! Yeah that's it... Ok." 

Then out loud, "2012" To which is looked at me and said, "I'd better ask some more."

Me inside, "Oh great!"

Him, "What month is it?"

Me, "Ummmmmmmm August?"

Him, "What day?"

Me inside, "Crap! Figures! Gees! How stupid can I be? I have a doctor's appointment today you'd think I'd at least know the date today! I just looked at my phone a little bit ago. What the heck day is it? What did it say? Oh yeah, the 30th."

Then, I smile and reply, "The 30th" while wondering if the delay told him what I was asking myself inside! Haha

So, he cont…

Cry Out to Jesus

The other day I heard the song, "Cry Out to Jesus" on the radio and it reminded me of years ago when my husband left me. I spent days just laying on the floor listening to this song and crying and praying. Then, I heard God tell me to get up and fight! So I did and I thought I won! But, here I am years later still fighting, still praying.

Hearing that song for the first time in a long time, my reaction was totally different. When I heard that first verse about losing someone you love that used to make me feel sad inside and want to fight, instead I said inside, "If only I could go back and tell myself to give up! Just let go!"

But then, I heard a verse in a different way than I ever had before, "For the marriage that's struggling just to hang on. They lost all of their faith in love. They've done all they can to make it right again. Still it's not enough." At this point, that is exactly how I feel! I have done all that I can and all that I kno…

Would you like a really good laugh at my expense?

God must find me pretty darn humorous at times!

This morning I was thinking about all of the photography themes on G+ and said I was going to just start curating some off the wall group like "thimble thursday" and see if it took off. Then, I moved on and forgot about. But, during my prayer time, I picked up "The Power of Simple Prayer" by Joyce Meyer and she began to discuss what most people pictured as prayer. She explained a famous painting of an elderly gentleman kneeling with his head bowed, hands clasped and eyes closed. And, to myself, I thought, "I would love to create an image completely opposite of that to open people eyes to what prayer really is." 

Then, my next thought was, "I would love to actually throw the idea out there to all of the photographers/photo-manipulators on G+ and see what they come up with. Kind of like the Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt but with only one item and one goal. How awesome would that be?!?!"

Then, that thought …

Is being a hypocrite really such a bad thing?

Often, when someone learns of my blog, they question the title. They seem to think they need to educate me on what "hypocrite" means or inform me that it's not a good word to have beside the word "Christian", as if I don't already know this. However, what I also understand is the truth that so many Christians like to pretend doesn't exist. 

A survey in the book "unChristian" by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons reveals that 85% of young non-Chrsistians belive that present-day Christianity is hypocrritical. And, even more amazing is the fact that 47% of young churchgoers agreed! (myself included)

We are hypocrites! Or at least that is how we appear as a whole to those around us who don't understand the gospel. I mean think about it! If you didn't truly understand what Jesus did on the cross then how could you understand someone who is imperfect stating that sin is sin. Really, let it sink in! I'm going to re-word it as many possible ways …
It's funny how God will often use my own words or lessons I've shared in my past to help me with something new. Dealing with the current situation I shared this morning, I began to waiver back and forth if the way I handled it was the correct way. Then, someone on fb liked the note (that I copied and pasted below) that was written months ago, drawing my attention back to it and it spoke to me in a whole new way and gave me the answer that I needed. Go figure! LOL... Plus, the irony that the only other status I shared this morning was about how I don't like to re-edit old pictures or re-read old books but perhaps that's something else I should change about myself, haha ;)

Caleb just came to me crying and said that he had to pee but there was paper in the potty. Which he has a habit of not using the potty because he will not flush for someone else. So, I assumed I knew what he was saying and lectured him all the way to the bathroom and then flushed it and walked out to w…

Me and my big mouth... or, maybe not

Today, one of the books I'm reading brought up a subject that has always really gotten to me. A subject that I have studied over and over trying to wrap my brain around and understand... Moses not being allowed to enter the Promised Land. 

It seems no matter what way it's explained or how deeply I delve into the scriptures, I just still feel bad for Moses. He poured his heart and soul into serving God. He gave all of his life only to make one mistake and face such a severe consequence. No re-do's, no apology, no fixing it. Forty years on a journey and he would not be allowed to reach the final destination. However, as the author of the book I'm currently reading pointed out, Moses took it like a champ. He didn't cry or complain or beg or plead. He was fine with it and just accepted it as the way it was and respected God's decision. And, while he wasn't able to enter the Promised Land, God did still grant him the greatest desire of his heart. 

I stopped readin…

I'm no longer ashamed of or hiding the fact that I'm overweight.

Growing up, I was always the "skinny" girl and people would always compliment my figure. Then, after high school, I entered into modeling. My measurements were 34, 25, 36 and I weighed 109 pounds; but, my agent was constantly on me about my weight, specifically my hips. I was told the biggest hips that I should have for my height and frame was 34 inches. However, it just rolled off and I didn't care because I still knew that I looked good, I hadn't change any and I still had plenty of people complimenting me. 
Until the age of 28, I hadn't experienced any weight issues and honestly didn't understand those who struggled with them. Then, when I was pregnant with my son, I began to learn about being healthy and eating healthy. I read a book called, "The Great Physician's Rx to Health and Wellness" by Jordan Rubin and realized that I was always sick. I had a cold or flu nearly once a month and had been told many times that I needed to have my tonsils…

Fly Eagle Fly

Oh, the life lessons we can learn from nature! When I was struggling with the church I

was attending, a good friend shared the story below with me. I went from being the

founder of the "Eagles' Nest" to being just another chicken in the coop, it was no wonder

why I lost all of my passion and identity. When you learn you are an eagle, you can't go

back to being a chickenand you can't fit in with the hens no matter how much you desire

to; but, some times it takes a good friend to come back around and remind you of who you are ;)

Fly, Eagle, Fly! An African Tale

retold by Christopher Gregorowski

A farmer went out one day to search for a lost calf. The little herd boys had come back without it the evening before. And that night there had been a terrible storm.

He went to the valley and searched. He searched by the riverbed. He searched among the reeds, behind the rocks, and in the rushing water.

He wandered over the hillside and through the dark and tangled forests whe…
We brought home an extra child from the Third Day concert last night...
Ever since I was a young child, I wanted to be a foster parent so that I could  provide for other kids who were born into difficult situations like myself. However, while that dream has continually pulled at my heart over the years, I just haven't been in the position to do so; but, I continue to pray about it often. Then, last night at the concert, we were asked to sponsor a child from another country. At first, my thought was, "I already do so much, I can't possibly take on any more." Yet, as they led in prayer, my heart began to soften and I realized that just because I can't take another child into my home at the moment doesn't mean that I can't provide for and help a child going through hard times. Then, the speaker said something unique, he called it "child support" and it hit me that 40 dollars a month is equal to the tithe off of the child support my oldest daughter r…


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