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My trip to the doctor's yesterday....

Yesterday, at my health check up, the doctor asked me if I had any loss of memory and I asked, "Isn't that normal with age and 3 kids?" To which he responded, "Let me ask you some basic questions... What year is it?"

Me inside, "Oh, crap! What year is it? Oh yeah, 2012... right? Or is it? Oh gees! Yeah that's it... Ok." 

Then out loud, "2012" To which is looked at me and said, "I'd better ask some more."

Me inside, "Oh great!"

Him, "What month is it?"

Me, "Ummmmmmmm August?"

Him, "What day?"

Me inside, "Crap! Figures! Gees! How stupid can I be? I have a doctor's appointment today you'd think I'd at least know the date today! I just looked at my phone a little bit ago. What the heck day is it? What did it say? Oh yeah, the 30th."

Then, I smile and reply, "The 30th" while wondering if the delay told him what I was asking myself inside! Haha

So, he continues, "Who is the president?"

Me inside, "Oh crap! It's not Bush any more... Who is it?.... oh yeah, Obama." So, I bust out, "Obama" as quick as possible so that he doesn't start thinking I need to be kept overnight.

Then, the killer question, "Who's running against him?"

Me inside, "Oh no! It figures! What the heck is that guy's name? It's constantly running through my news feed on facebook. What is it? What is it? Hmmmm...... mmmmmm..... (while he's staring at me) hmmmmm..... OH YEAH ROMNEY!"

Then I reply, "Romney; but, these questions really aren't that fair! I never know the date, I hardly look at a calendar. Every day goes by so quick so I just look at it the day before and tell myself what I have to do tomorrow. Who cares what day it says on the calendar, they're all the same, as long as I do everything I need to do that day? And, I really don't watch the news since about 4 years ago when Obama took office because that's pretty much pointless too. It's all the same stuff different day and it's going to happen regardless if I know about it or not so why waste my time and energy on it?"

Thank God his reply was, "Yeah, I don't really watch the news either. It is all negative!"

Then, my phone (that I just got that day!) rang and I had no idea how to make it stop so it just belted out Third Day, "Magnificent Holy Father, I stand in awe of all I see. Of all the things you have created and still you choose to think of me. Who am I that you should suffer, your very life to set me free? The only thing that I can give you, is the life you gave to me. This is my offering."

While I frantically searched for an off button I was thinking, "So close but now I'm doomed! He's going to have me committed! It looks like I forgot how to work my phone! And, he knows I'm a Jesus freak!"

I just looked at him and smiled and said, "Sorry." To which he replied, "Don't be, that's a good song."


I guess, compared to the other people in his office, I seemed normal, lol... You all know that running a street ministry, I typically have a lot of patience and compassion for people, nothing seems to phase me, but there were some real characters in there. I spent the whole time in the waiting room explaining to a lady that I wouldn't give her money to buy pills, cigarettes or pop and trying to keep her hands out of my purse and her eyes off of my text messages before I even got to read them, lol.


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