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People are talking, talking bout people... okay, well, mostly me. People like to talk about me, always have. I have absolutely no idea why. I couldn't tell you why my life is so interesting to so many others but I've heard that my facebook page gets read more than the daily newspaper. I thought that was a little drastic at first; however, given that I made a post and kept it up for about 2 minutes and several people (including 2 of my exes) felt the need to inform me that several other people questioned them about it, I would say that may be accurate.

So, since everyone feels the need to go to everyone else behind my back, I figured I'd just confront the issue head on, not because I owe anyone anything or care what anyone thinks but because my life is an open book. I think I'm one of the few people left on this earth that lives the same life behind closed doors that I do in public and I am not ashamed of that. I will not allow people to shame me out of sharing. I will not allow others to silence me or my testimony. I am not here for the haters nor will I allow any of you to effect my life any longer.

Yes, it's true. The man that I spent the last few years of my life with did some pretty awful things behind my back. One of which I shared for about 2 minutes. However, the reason I shared was not to hurt him or to shame him. Nor, was it to hurt or shame the female. I shared it in order to find information because that female had a pretty big rock on her finger which meant there was some innocent man somewhere still being hurt and my goal was to find him and deliver the truth since the woman he had promised to spend his life with didn't find that to be an important detail to share with him. Once I was given the information, I contacted him and took down the post and moved on. I didn't take it down because I was embarrassed or ashamed, I took it down because it was no longer needed. I find it quite sad that I was the one hurt and I was over it before the rest of this valley.

I have no desire to hurt Matt. I do not hate him. I also do not hate or have anything bad to say about that particular female or any of the others. You see, what sets me apart from all of you is that my desire is always to love and help, never to hurt and tear down. My goal was to help the innocent gentleman caught in a mess he didn't deserve to be a part of. And, he was thankful that I took a few minutes out of my day for his benefit and I would do the same again even though it opened up the door for others to gossip, speculate and judge me.

So, to all of you that can't wait to spill my name out of your mouth...

While  most of you females are laughing and making fun of me for having my heart broken, most of your men are in my inbox trying to do the same thing my man was doing. However, another thing that sets me apart is that I don't read those messages and then gloat or spread it around to hurt you. I ALWAYS point a man back to his woman and tell him to go home and love her. I instead feel sympathy and want to protect you from pain. It hurts my heart to see so many men struggling like this and so many relationships being ruined.

And, to all of you men that feel the need to partake in such pettiness... you are not any better than Matt. Everyone single one of you, male and female, have your own issues, your own struggles, your own imperfections. Maybe, instead of being so quick to point your fingers at others, you should use that time to do a wellness check of your own life.

I am happy. I am at peace. I am free to be me at all times. I am free to share what I go through because it has no power to hurt me. I am free to love and forgive others who have hurt me because I am in a healthy place. I spend my time watering my own garden and even sprinkle a little sunshine your way when I'm able. So, you can keep trying to shit in my grass but it's all just fertilizer that helps me grow a little taller out of your reach ;)


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